Dawn Kasper, Golden, Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles,

Dawn Kasper, THE AGE OF ANXIETY, Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles, 2015

Dawn Kasper: & sun & or THE SHAPE OF TIME , ADN Collection, Bolzano, Italy, 2015

Dawn Kasper: Music For Matter: ENERGY INTO MATTER , ISSUE Project Room, New York, 2015

Dawn Kasper: The Chance Operation of Words (for Andy after Cage) , Artissima: Present Future, Turin, Italy, 2014

Dawn Kasper: MATTER IS A WORD, A NOISE , Cannonball, Miami, 2014

Dawn Kasper: & sun & or THE SHAPE OF TIME David Lewis, New York, 2014

Dawn Kasper: The Absurd , Honor Fraser, Los Angeles, 2013

Dawn Kasper: A PRIVATE PERFORMANCE (for you) , Los Angeles Chez Vous , Machine Projects,Paris, 2013

Dawn Kasper: Lost Horizon , Hotel Shangri-La, Santa Monica, CA 2013

Dawn Kasper: Everything You Could Ever Want & Be You Already Have & Are , Brown University, Providence, RI 2012

Dawn Kasper: This Could Be Something If I Let It ,Whitney Biennial 2012, New York, 2012

Dawn Kasper: Become What You Are , Tramway, Glasgow, 2012; Bard College, New York, 2012

Dawn Kasper: White Collar Drunk , Trespass Parade , Los Angeles, CA 2011

Dawn Kasper: Queering Sex , Human Resources, Los Angeles, 2011

Dawn Kasper: 3x2x3 , L.A.C.E, Los Angeles 2011

Dawn Kasper: Music For Hoarders , Honor Fraser, Los Angeles, 2010; Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, 2012

Dawn Kasper: ON EXISTENCE , LISTE, Basel Switzerlad, 2010; L.A.C.E, Los Angeles 2010; Sea and Space Exhibitions, Los Angeles, 2010

Dawn Kasper: REPEATER, Perform! Now!, Los Angeles, CA, 2009