Redling Fine Art

GloMar: Axis of Information
Jason Kraus, Dashiell Manley, and Nate Page

November 16th - December 20th & January 6th - 17th, 2014
Opening November 15th 2014 6-8 pm

6757 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038
T. 323.378.5238  E.

Jason Kraus,  Untitled Projector (Paint, Stain, and Finish cans 5/3/14) , 2014, KoskiDecor Black Finnish birch plywood, KoskiDecor Eco Blue Finnish birch plywood, KoskiDecor Eco Gray Finnish birch plywood, Russian Multi plywood, Bondo, white spray paint, Lowell pro lamp with snoot and barn doors, glass, toyo 4 x 5 Fresnel lens for ground glass, detail polaroid mp-4 lens, 95.5 x 42 x 42 inches