Redling Fine Art

Liz Glynn

July 29th - October 8th, 2010
Closing: October 9th, 2010 4pm -

2939 Johnston Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031
Pyramid Phone. 213.256.4648 E.

Liz Glynn: III

Private Viewing: July 29th – October 8th, 2010

Public Closing: October 9th, 2010

Offsite Location: 2939 Johnston Street Los Angeles CA 90031


Redling Fine Art is pleased to announce the closing of III, a large-scale installation created by Los Angeles based artist Liz Glynn.  Built from reclaimed wood pallets, a pyramid was erected over two months on a hilltop in East Los Angeles.  The structure has been used for a series of events ranging from embodied actions to dialogical conversations and demonstrative experiments. Guests were frequently called upon to insert their own experience into the performances, which facilitated discussions about the afterlife in secular culture, the understanding of pyramid schemes, cryogenics and mummification, near-death experiences, personal credit crises, and strategies for financial survival.


The first performance, Coming Forth By Day, was attended by a small group of Glynn’s core collaborators and friends of the gallery. Some were invited as “sleepers” to an afternoon picnic inside the pyramid, where they shared their irrational fears, and consumed sedatives.  An equal number of “wakers” were sent instructions to pick up a flashlight and walk approximately a half-mile along the ridge, arriving at the site just after dark.  They entered the pyramid to remove the masks of their sleeping doubles, and recite the sleepers’ list of irrational fears back in the negative.


Guests were then invited to subsequent events using the tactic of a pyramid scheme, invitations containing the instructions “You must bring a guest” were distributed by postal mail to those who had previously attended.  The audience expanded amorphously over the course of the summer. Images and video from the performances have remained largely offline.


On October 9th we will close this work with the 9th performance of the series: OF BECOMING A SPIRIT-SOUL THERE | OF PLOUGHING THERE | OF REAPING THERE |  OF EATING THERE | OF DRINKING THERE | OF MAKING LOVE THERE | AND OF DOING EVERYTHING THERE EVEN AS A MAN DOETH UPON EARTH.  Guests will be invited to offer an object or sentiment to be consumed by fire and view the pyramid.  Then, deconstruction of the pyramid will begin at dusk, and continue through the night and into the following day.  Pallets will be passed down the hill from guest to guest, beginning with a line comprised of the invitees to the first performance.  The performance will end when the pyramid had been completely removed.


Liz Glynn lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.  She received a BA from Harvard College in 2003 and a MFA from the California Institute of the Art (CalArts) in 2008. Themes of monumentality, cycles of empire and decline, and the process of building and destroying are central to Liz Glynn’s practice.  Recently she was included in The Generational: Younger than Jesus at the New Museum in New York, as well exhibitions at RedCat, the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  Glynn will also take part in Los Angeles Goes Live, as part of the J. Paul Getty Museum Pacific Standard Time initiative.


An artist’s book featuring firsthand accounts of each performance and a small number of images and artifacts will be published in the summer of 2011.


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